5 reasons to make a lyric video of your song

Making a lyric video today is very common and we explain why

Make a lyric video? Are you wonder why make a lyric video? Today, the video with lyrics it’s very fashionable. Here explain you the reasons.

#Promote your music and make to your lyrics the importance that they deserve.

When we compose a song, the first thing that comes to mind is how we are going to produce the video clip. The story, the actors, where we are going to record it, the different locations ... but what about the lyrics? We always think of telling the story through images, but it almost never occurs to us, to give prominence to the letter by shaping it directly on the screen together with a story created digitally.

With today's digital media, why not make a lyric video?

# Lyric video is much cheaper than a videoclip.

The investment to producing a videoclip (although today there are much cheaper alternatives) is much higher than that of producing a lyric video. Today a lyric video is accesible for almost any artist. There are many designers who are dedicated to creating lyric videos or numerous tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make a lyric video.

Northern Lights Lyric Video offers you both options. You can make it yourself by downloading a template a following the tutorial or you can order a lyric video on demand.

# An alternative to promote your music without leaving home.

The best thing about making a lyric video is that you don't need to leave home to produce it. Whether you order it to a professional or do it yourself, you don't need to travel to produce the best video to promote your music. Unlike video clips, you need to organize a shoot, organize a group of people, and even travel to be able to shoot it. In this way, as we mentioned earlier, much more money is invested.

# There are no limits to the imagination. With lyric video everything is possible.

The advantages of creating a lyric video is that the imagination has no limits. There are times when filming a video clip cannot always achieve what our mind imagines, since either it is impossible or we do not have the necessary budget. Otherwise, with a lyric video everything is possible. Anything that comes to mind can always be captured through the creation of Matte Painting, illustrations or 3D animation.


Whenever we come up with an idea, we can hire professionals like Northern Lights to carry it out by creating your lyric video. If we can't think of anything, they can find the best story for your song by highlighting the lyrics.



# You can make it youtself

If the world of computers is good enough for you, you can always create a lyric video yourself. Using editing programs like After Effects or Premiere Pro is possible. You can start from scratch or you can download the template you like the most from the Norther Lights Lyric Video store and customize your lyric video by following the tutorial with the free version of After Effects. You will be able to create your own video with lyrics in a few minutes to promote your music by giving the lyrics of your songs the importance they deserve and at a very accessible price for you or your group. Take a look at the templates below.

If on the other hand you want to do something more complex or personalized, you can order a lyric video on demand from Northern Lights. Here you can see some of their work.



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